Subscription Benefits(For all tiers)

  • In Game Sounds
  • Chat Notification Sounds
  • OCTGN Window Skins
  • Custom Game Backgrounds
  • Chat Images
  • Custom Icon Next To Your Name
  • Password Protected Games
  • Save/Load Filters In The Deck Editor
  • Replace Card Image In The Deck Editor
  • You help us keep improving the OCTGN!

About Subscriptions

What are Subscriptions?

Subscriptions are a way for us to facilitate the development of a better product as well as keep our current infrastructure running. We currently operate completely on the kindness of our users as subscribing is completely voluntary.

Subscription Tiers

There is also currently no difference between any of the subscription tiers(except price), so it's up to you how much you would like to contribute(every little bit helps).

What's the money for?

This is the current list. Everything that isn't soaked up by the first two, gets funneled into development time. At this time there is no overflow.

  • Server Costs: We currently run 4 servers, and push out over 1TB of data per month to keep things running, and it keeps growing
  • SaS Costs: We use many different services on the internet to improve development speed and the overall user experience. These include MyGet, GeckoBoard, Pingdom, Recurly and many others.
  • Development Time: It takes time and care to develop software, and subscriptions allow us to spend more time making OCTGN better

Feature Funding Details

We are currently running a feature funding campaign. This was set up to give certain goals we would like to meet, and the amount of support we need in order to complete them.

We also are continually adding new features and fixing bugs in OCTGN, regardless of the current percent of our goal we're at.


  • 10%: Chat Reconnects (Completed)
  • 20%: Game Reconnects (In Progress)
  • 30%: Deck Sharing
  • 40%: Spectator Support
  • 50%: Matchmaking
  • 100%: Join\Leave games in progress
  • 100%: Game Replays
  • 100%: Online game log & Deck Validation
  • 100%: Game Saving

About Goals

Every subscribed user contributes to the overall progress of the campaign. Once the current progress hits one of the goals above, we will start work on that feature. Some features are more complicated than others and will take more time to complete. The list is fairly tentitive, so some features may happen sooner, some may happen later, and some new ones may be added.

Also, it's important to note that though we only have one feature at each goal, we bundle with it 10-20 other features/bug fixes. So it may not seem like much but there is generally a lot that comes with each milestone.

What does the percent mean?

We currently have a set goal of subscribers we would like to meet in order to devote 100% of our time and effort to OCTGN. This is a predetermined number, which at the time it was chosen was only %4 of the active user base. We currently haven't released the number because we feel showing a percent is just as effective as showing the number. In fact other sites (Roll20) operate in a very similar manner.